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St Peter's College - Cranbourne VIC
Cranbourne-Frankston Rd
Navarre Drive 2nd entrance
03 5996 6733
Melbourne South
55 MacKillop Way
Cranbourne East
Vic. 3977
PO BOx 615, Cranbourne, Vic. 3977
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Melbourne South
Mr Tim Hogan
West Campus Year 7 - 12
East Campus Year 7 -9 (2013) & 7-10 (2014)
$3880.00 - $4172.00 per annum dependant on participation by families contributing to the St Agatha's Planned Giving Program.

Please Note:
Year Level Camps and Retreats, Book Hire, Technology Levy & Sports Levy are included in the annual Fees.

Discounts apply for multiple students from the one family attending St Peter's College, St Agatha's and St Thereses's Primary Schools.

Welcome to St, Peters College, Cranbourne

Celebrating 20 Years throughout 2014

We are a Catholic community of education, faith and service built on a tradition of placing our trust in God to “Be Not Afraid”.

Our curriculum reflects our belief in the human person created in the image of God, therefore we educate the whole person  -   nurturing our students  spiritual relationship with Jesus as well as their academic , intellectual , physical and social needs.

We encourage our students to value effort and strive for excellence, always challenging them to be the best they can be. Our teachers are committed and caring, working to ensure that when students leave this school, they do so with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence required to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

The decision of selecting a secondary school for your child is an important one and I hope that the information you find on this site and our college website will assist you in this decision.

Welcome once again. I invite parents to contact me to discuss any matter in further detail.

Mr Tim Hogan    


About Us

We believe that by providing a rich, relevant and diverse curriculum, students have the best possible opportunities to strive for excellence, and to explore and develop their gifts and abilities.

In essence our desire is to develop the whole person so that they can take their place as a valuable, contributing member of society

Our curriculum covers all Key Learning Areas in Yr 7-10 with assessment modelled on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Students at Year 7 and 8 are guided through a core program that develops their skills and talents across all areas.

In Year 9 and 10, students are progressively allowed to choose their study program to suit their needs and interests.

Our Yr 11 and 12 programs offers both VCAL and a broad range of VCE pathways to our students, with all students being able to access a range VET studies through various TAFE institutions.

The focus emphasised with our senior students is the pursuit of excellence. By doing this, our hope for them is that their aspirations will be realised.

Curriculum Handbooks are available from the College Office upon request.


The aim of our Religious Education programme is to assist our students to develop an understanding of and a relationship with Jesus Christ; in attempting to do this we remember that parents are the first and primary educators of their children.

Our Religious Education programme is systematic, provides opportunity to participate in the liturgical life of the Church and attempts to provide students with an understanding of their heritage and an appreciation of the wonder of God.

Sport: The College is a fully participating member of the Southern Independent Schools (SIS) sporting association. We participate in major carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming. In addition we compete in inter-school sport in netball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, cricket, tennis, debating, theatre sports and chess. College Production: The bi-annual College production allows students from Year 7 -12 to demonstrate their artistic and creative talents. School Camps: The following compulsory school camps are also held: •Year 7 Orientation Camp – Camp Rumbug, Foster North •Year 9 Outdoor Education – Camp Araluen, Anglesea •Year 11 Retreat •Year 12 Retreat Invitational camps include: Japanese Exchange, French Exchange & Central Australia. Please note: costs associated with the camps (with the exception of invitational camps) are included in yearly fees.

'Faith, Education & Service'
Vision Statement 2010-2015


St Peter's College

…is a Catholic community of education, faith and service; built on a tradition of placing our trust in God to “Be Not Afraid”. This inspires us forward in a spirit of discovery and hope. Recognising that each of us is created in God’s image, we accept the challenge of educating the whole person. In this we strive to promote excellence and equity for all members within our community. Our Patron, St Peter, guides our emphasis on faith in action, life-long learning and active citizenship in our world. We invite all to join a dynamic faith community of prayer, worship and service.

St Peter’s College

…values the uniqueness and diversity of every member and fosters their individual abilities and talents. Utilizing innovative and best teaching practices, and integrating advances in technology, we are empowered with the skills and knowledge to be successful learners. Nurtured and inspired by our Catholic faith, we strive to develop our potential as independent, flexible and original thinkers. With creativity and a positive self-esteem, we develop strong personal values on the journey to becoming active and informed citizens of our country.

St Peter’s College

…actively engages with the ever changing landscape of the twenty first century. We acknowledge the diversity and challenges of our community. We accept the responsibility of service, social justice and the need for stewardship of our environment, which we meet with compassion and respect for human dignity. As Disciples of Christ, we develop as global citizens, challenged to become leaders and renew the wider world.
In 2012 St Peter’s College moved to a Vertical House Pastoral Care System comprising of 8 Houses:

Augustine, Assisi, Kolbe, Romero, MacKillop, Avila, Marian and Glowrey.

Within each House, there are 6 Tutor Groups made up of a maximum 21 students from Years 7-12.

These Tutor Groups are headed up by a Learning Advisor who will follow the students through the 6 years of their schooling.

The Learning Advisors have a vital role in the pastoral and academic lives of their students.

Further to this, the students will have the same House Leader for the 6 years giving them a sense of connectedness and identity.

The House System provides the opportunity for mentoring and leadership. It also promotes a healthy, natural social environment and participation in extra-curricular activities.

Welfare and Counseling Services:

These services are available from our two College Counselors and College Chaplain.
'Faith, Education and Service'

Encompassing the following Mission Directions:

Enhancing the Catholic Nature of our Schools

Promoting Effective Teaching and Learning

Developing the Community Nature of our Schools

Strengthening the Leadership of our Schools

Exercising Stewardship as Service
Opened 2011

The Cranbourne East Campus will be taking Year 7, 8, 9 $ 10 enrolments in 2014 and Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 in 2015 under the leadership of Head of Campus, Mr James Roberts.

The campus is expected to develop into a Year 7-12 College by 2016 with a student population of approximately 1000 students.

Features of the new campus will include state of the art facilities in the areas of Science, Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education, all underpinned by the use of Information Technology.

Classroom design will incorporate flexible learning spaces to allow for a variety of teaching and learning styles with an emphasis on individual learning.

In 2010 the Bishop of Sale Christopher Prowse approved the establishment of a new Catholic primary school and Church on 10 acres adjoining the St Peter's College East Campus site in Cranbourne East.

The primary school and new church opening in 2014 will form the heart of a new Parish to be known as St Thomas the Apostle.

Parents will be excited by the opportunity of being able to place their child at St. Thomas the Apostle Primary School knowing that the transition to St Peter’s College Cranbourne East Campus will be just a short stroll away.

With expected increases in population of 30’000 in Cranbourne East over the next 15 years, it is expected that within 10 years of opening that both the secondary and primary schools in Cranbourne East will be at full capacity.


Both campuses of St Peter’s College are zoned, with the South Gippsland Highway being the defining border.

Students residing east of the South Gippsland Highway will be zoned to the Cranbourne East campus and will be admitted in accordance with the published Enrolment Policy.


Winifred Martens

St Peters College & Assisi House Parent:

For those of you new to our College, and Assisi House in particular, I extend on behalf of all parents, a very warm welcome to you all! I hope that this will be the start of a wonderful journey for you and your son or daughter as they begin the next, exciting stage of their education.

Clearly, we don’t know each other at all. However, we do have, at least one, very important thing, in common…. we have CHOSEN to enrol our children in this excellent College and in doing so, makes us, to some extent, like-minded people.

My hope is that this will be the foundation for us to grow together as a Community. One in which we can be supportive of each other and work in partnership with the College to maximise academic, social and emotional outcomes for our sons and daughters.

It is vitally important that as a parent body, we positively affirm the standards and regulations required by the College of our children.

I speak with personal experience and firsthand knowledge of the dedication and commitment of the staff here at St Peters. Yet they alone cannot educate our sons and daughters. I urge you to be an active, interested and involved participant in their College life, in other words BE IN PARTNERSIP with the College.

Ask questions when unsure, challenge practices you believe can be improved…talk to your child’s teachers WHENEVER you are concerned, you don’t need to wait for formal reporting time to come around; take full advantage of the structure of the College House System… that’s its very rationale.

It must be said, that according to the standard definition of ‘partnership’ that it generally involves some degree of risk; but SUCCESSFUL partnerships can also yield great profits.

I want to leave you with one last thought and ask you ‘what risk are we exposing our children to by NOT operating in partnership with the College we chose to send our children to?

Mrs Winifred Martens, SPC and Assisi House parent.

February 2013

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Cranbourne East Campus
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