Uglii for Schools

Register your School, College or Business on Uglii

How does Uglii work?

Uglii is a mapping system built by SISS Business Systems that can be placed within many websites, now including the Schools Guide website. The Uglii maps will appear on thousands of websites around the world and allow users to do geographical searches of all businesses and schools that have been registered within the system. Uglii stands for Unique Geographic Listing for Industry.

What will this extra service cost?

Nothing. It is free and there is no catch.

We know Uglii will be of great benefiit to you.

As a registered Uglii business there are some additional Uglii features and services you could choose to add yourself down the track (once you've logged in) which would make you even more discoverable. Some upcoming enhancements will also provide your school with great advantages in the way it does business but those are entirely optional extras. There is absolutely no pressure to buy any of the Uglii services. Uglii doesn't employ sales staff or tele-marketers. The only correspondence you will receive is an Uglii email every 6 months designed to ensure you keep your information up-to-date. You may also receive occasional emails highlighting some of the features of the Uglii system. With your login you can view these extra options and choose to upgrade your listing if you see fit.

What does this mean for the Schools Guide Website?

Nothing will change at all. The Schools Guide website will still be the Premier Directory to Private Schools and the primary avenue for finding information on non-government schools in Australia but now slightly enhanced with the inclusion of the Uglii Mapping system. Uglii is simply another way that people can find your school from anywhere in the world via a mapping system. We have added the new Uglii map to our site and many other business websites of various types will also utilize these maps on their sites.

Why do Schools Guide Advertisers need to have a separate login with Uglii?

The Uglii system is an entirely separate global system from the Schools Guide website (even though it is embedded within the Schools Guide site). Schools Guide is not the developer of the system. In order for you to be findable on every Uglii map in the world you need to have a separate Uglii login. Once you've verified your details you will be in complete control of your Uglii listing for ever. So, you'll be able to login to Uglii and delete, update and add information at any time. Schools Guide will then no longer be actively involved in your Uglii unless, for some reason you require assistance or advice. Our role is simply to help schools, colleges and businesses register on Uglii.

Why Uglii?

By joining Uglii we hope to increase the find-ability of your school.

Consider Uglii like a new type of (map-based) phone book or a variation on Google. Everyone can use them free so there are obvious advantages in being listed on those systems. Uglii will be no different.

It can be used for finding organisations by their names, brands, products and services and will be particularly helpful for anyone wanting to find your school geographically.

The only way schools, colleges and businesses can register on Uglii is through an official Uglii Affiliate such as the Schools Guide.

Here are some other Australian businesses that have already registered with Uglii...

Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp, Brisbane Broncos, Ten Network, Bank of Queensland, AMP, BHP Steel, Bridgestone, Flight Centre, Bob Jane T-Marts, Lion Nathan, Caltex, Lend Lease, Westpac... plus thousands of others.

What happens if we don't add our details to Uglii?

Uglii will be of great benefit to all schools and colleges. If you choose not to add your details to Uglii you will be making your school, college or business harder to find for one thing. Unregistered businesses will be impossible to find on any Uglii maps. Those that have been registered but unverified will only appear as a grey (unverified) dot. As a forward-thinking organisation that is aware of the benefits of exposure and marketing we know you will see the benefits of the Uglii system. Remember, it is free and there is no catch. It will only take you a few minutes to complete your details and create your own Uglii dot.