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• School Name

• Address

• Telephone

• Year Levels

• Religious Affiliation

• Student Gender

• Boarding (Yes/No)

• Advanced Google Map

• Lowest level listing position (alphabetical)

$88 per year

($6.66 per month plus GST)


Includes all features available with a Free Listing PLUS...

Allows school to upload...

  • Crest
  • 1000 character school outline
  • basic school details
  • 'Email Us' form
  • moves the school to higher listing position for extra impact

$198 per year

Budget Level SCHOOL Profile (plus extras)

All the benefits of Expanded Listing plus...

  • unlimited upcoming Events/Open Days
  • higher listing position than Expanded Listing (lower than Platinum Feature)
  • Facilities (text field)
  • Curriculum (text field)
  • Extras (text field)

$550 per year

($41.66 per month plus GST)

Includes all features available with Expanded Listing PLUS...

  • School Login - update your own content anytime
  • Image Gallery (22 pics)
  • Custom-designed portrait image
  • Free graphic design support
  • Free banner ad on home page (random rotation)
  • Unlimited text content
  • Extra images within text content
  • Advanced customisation capability of text content
  • Extra content tabs:
  • Local Transport 
  • Feature Story
  • Your Invitation
  • Extra Information
  • Latest News
  • Open Days
  • Scholarships
  • Upcoming Events (unlimited)
  • Open Days (unlimited)


  • Events promo on home page
  • Events Mapping
  • Open Days promo on home page
  • Live Twitter feed


• Website link

• Top Level Listing position


Web Advertising for Schools (in Detail)

one of
these options >




Silver Level


Silver Level +PLUS


Platinum Level


Cost effective option including crest and expanded details, up to 100 words plus web enquiries form Budget upgrade includes unlimited Open Days and Events promotion plus extra text content Includes additional customised banner advert on Home Page, top position in your school's region, unlimited Open Days and Events promotion, fully-customised Feature Page, 22 gallery images, user login/update
check check check check
check check check check
Crest check check check
Year Levels check check check check
Fees check check check
Religious Affiliation,  Gender, Boarding details. check check check check
CRICOS No. check check check check
Other campus locations check check check
Web link check
Google Map
check check check check
Text Content
Up to 100 words check
Limited fields
Unlimited check
Enquiries Form check check check
'Upcoming Events' Tab
check check
'Feature Story' Tab
'Extra Info' Tab
'Your Invitation' Tab check
Open Days/ Tours Tab check
Transport Options Tab check
Past Student profiles tab check
Latest Tweets Tab check
Gallery (22 images) check
Page design
Header Standard *
check check
Header ** (fully customised) check
Bonus site advertising^
Featured Schools Page Banner ad check
Regional List banner ad check

Home page banner ad

Via Email support check check check
Client login (update your own content) check check check
Regional List Position

Lowest Level

Low level Mid level Top level
Unlimited 12 months Support check check check
* Header (standard) = Crest and title
** Header (customised) = Upload your own or design assistance from our professional graphic design team based on either A. current schools guide print advert or B. school website (optional)
^ Upload your own or created by our professional graphic design team. Home page ads appear on random rotation.
All prices include GST


How does a school Full Feature page work?

Your school will receive a complete profile page on this site, including full colour customised banner header (you have the option to supply this feature yourself or we'll create one for you at no additional cost), image gallery (up to 22 images plus titles and descriptions), unlimited allocation of text space with advanced customisation capability, extra images within your text and lots of extra tabs for adding more content.

Your school will be listed at the top of the Schools Search list for your school's geographic section and highlighted by a bonus customised Feature School banner ad (we'll create this for you at no additional cost). Plus our 'Recently Updated' area on the home page will display a further bonus banner ad to attract viewers to your feature.  Note: home page banner ads appear on a random rotational basis and only display schools that have updated their content within the previous month.

We'll give you your own unique login so you can update your own content anytime, or if you prefer, we'll update your feature for you whenever you desire at no extra cost.

Plus... all featured schools appear on our Featured Schools pages to help attract even more viewers to your feature.

And... our expert team is constantly working on updating and improving our site. Over time exciting new features will be added to enhance your feature page even more... so you'll get the full benefit of the latest enhancements as they happen.


How many Hits will I get if I advertise?

That will depend a lot on where your school is located. Schools from the major cities will attract a lot more visitors than those from remote areas naturally. But here is a general guide.

Most schools with free listings are receiving less than 50 visits to their page each month. Platinum Featured School might receive up to 1000 per month.

Expanded Listing: CAULFIELD GRAMMAR SCHOOL - 431 visitors during May 2011.

Featured School: HILLCREST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE - 1124 visitors during May 2011


How much traffic does the site receive?


August 2010 - 34,865 unique visitors, 307,232 page views

Over 12 months that will equate to 418,380 unique visitors and 3,686,784 page views. That's a lot. But it will actually end up much more than that! The site is growing all the time. And those stats are actually very conservative.

We use Google Analytics to track our site statistics. Google analytics only tracks actual human visits but it doesn't record every one. It is possible to block javascript on any computer so in some circumstances Google is unable to record any data about a visitor. We have other statistics packages available to us and they often show up to 3 times the numbers shown by Google analytics. Sometimes they can be misleading because they include the number of times search engine software has perused each site page. So we are happy enough to be conservative.


Is the site number one on Google?

Yes and no. You might have heard other websites promoting themselves as number 1 on Google. Well that is a little misleading because Schools Guide is also number 1 on Google. So is Apple, and Coca-cola and about 1 billion other websites... if you type the right keywords! At Schools Guide we don't try to trick you with fancy claims like we are number 1 on Google. We'll be honest... sometimes we are listed at the top and sometimes we aren't... it all depends on what you type and where you live.

But we can be much more specific about how we rank and we are happy to tell you all about it. Each month we have lots of visitors arrive at our site. About 86% of those come from a Google search. And each month about 10,000 different search terms bring in those visitors... what does that mean? Well some people might type 'Schools Guide' while someone else might type 'Private Schools'. So that's two(2) different search terms. There are over 10,000 different ones that bring in our visitors each month.

How many times were we number 1? Well that would take an impossible amount of research because some poeple will see our site at number one and some people from another location might see us at number 3 for exactly the same search term. Google is very organic. But we can say that around 120 different search terms used in August 2010 gave us the number 1 position most of the time.


How does the site compare with other School Directories?

Statistically the Schools guide is easily the number one site for Private and Non-government Schools in Australia. No contest. We don't have access to every other site's traffic stats but there is a way to tell how well any site is performing. Alexa - the web information company ranks all websites and provides a number of useful stats about each site.

According to Alexa this website is consistently ranked inside the top 4,000 most-visited websites in Australia. Recently it has been as high as 2,200th in Australia. Our nearest competitor is consistently ranked around 40,000th in Australia. Those stats also show that an average visitor will view up to 20 pages of this website, while an average visitor to our competitor will view less than 3 pages.

Why? Because this site is easy to use and has lots of information. Other sites are hard to use and make finding a school difficult.

In terms of features available the Schools guide is unrivalled. This site offers each school infinite advantages over any other directory. You can include more text, more images, more links, more of everything. Plus you get the support of professional, qualified web staff. And you have the confidence of working with a reputable company that has created Australia's finest Schools publications since 1999.