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Subject(s): Hospitality and Management
Town/Suburb: Currumbin
State: Qld
Specialising in: a range of specialised training courses for Nationally Accredited qualifications in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework
Town/Suburb: Applecross
State: WA
Subject(s): Life skills, grooming, etiquette, self esteem and teen isssues
Specialising in: Life skills, grooming, etiquette and self esteem courses for girls aged 11 - 17
Town/Suburb: Queensland and NSW
State: Qld
Subject(s): Maths, physics and chemistry
Town/Suburb: Brisbane
State: Qld
Subject(s): French
Specialising in: Private tuition in French
Town/Suburb: Sydney
State: NSW
Subject(s): Positive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Whole Brain Thinking and Brain Dominance, Strengths Based Physiology
Specialising in: Business and Personal Coaching
Town/Suburb: Melbourne
State: Vic
Subject(s): General English, IELTS Preparation, FCE Preparation, and Express English. Our Vocational Courses (VET) include: Business, International Trade and Marketing, Children’s Services, and Hospitality
Town/Suburb: Perth
Specialising in: Learning difficulties, ESL, home schooling
State: NSW
Specialising in: Chinese language lessons from absolute beginner through to advanced.
State: Vic